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Sylvan Lake Falls Homeowners Association Rabun Gap, Georgia


Welcome visitors to the Sylvan Lake Falls Homeowners Association website. Our single-family residential community of more than 200 homes, has approximately 11 miles of private roads, creeks, mountain views, and a small community lake and park. The sidebar links provide information, documents, and contacts for potential home buyers and sellers, realtors, and attorneys.  

Information for Buyers, Sellers, Realtors, and Attorneys

Road Map of Sylvan Lake Falls

Governing Documents SLFHOA

  Articles of Incorporation


  Covenants, Restrictions, and


  Information on Construction Requirements

Sylvan Lake Falls Homeowners Association, Inc.

3 Sylvan Lake Drive

Rabun Gap, Georgia 30568

E-mail address:


Photos - Chester Baumgartner, Katrina Graham

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