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Sylvan Lake Falls Homeowners Association Rabun Gap, Georgia

Andy Sendelbach

Contacts for Road, Water, Other Issues


WATER ISSUES (Call in order listed)

Peter Briggs, 941-720-0228

Chester Baumgartner 727-641-5436

Don Pepin 561-596-2219

Clarence Thacker 407-361-7906

ROAD ISSUES (Call in order listed)

Janice Kaplan, 727-743-7755

Tim Walker, 706-970-0108

Chester Baumgartner 727-641-5436


Calling List

Suzette Briggs, 813-625-9338

Nancy Thomas, 706-746-3075

Susan Sligh, 706-746-2147


Janice Kaplan, 727-743-7755


Landscaping, Park, or Lake

Chester Baumgartner, 727-641-5436

Katrina Graham, 706-982-4150

Jeanie Walker, 352-339-3241




Pavilion Committee

Jeanie Walker

Allison Banning 334-202-4276

Chet Baumgartner 727-641-5436

Cindy Butler 239-898-3663

Neil Kaplan 727-743-7705

Holli Philips 706-490-2117

Jackie Tarkenton 404-660-2911

Dam Committee

 Sherri LaRose Mac Aughey 714-334-0093

Jay Baumgartner 281-777-0634

Marc LaRose 386-451-0337

Michael Lilly 858-602-9368

Rob Short 706-982-2909

Stan White 706-982-2072

Website Corrections, Comments, Suggestions


Katrina Graham, Website Manager


Welcoming Committee

Joanne & Chester Baumgartner

Joanne  727-448-6570

Board and Committee Service

The Board of Directors of SLFHOA oversees road maintenance and water system management; establishes the annual budget, and works to serve members of the homeowners association. Community homeowners who serve on the Board or on Committees of the Board dedicate their time and their expertise in a variety of ways. If you are contacted about becoming a candidate for the Board or a Committee member, please give serious thought to serving your community.

Driveway Culvert Maintenance Advisory


When a culvert is used as part of a homeowner’s residence access, it is the owner’s responsibility to insure the culvert is free of debris at all times. Clogged culverts lead to water runoff in the road resulting in road erosion and damage. If necessary and when feasible, a homeowner will be notified of the need to clear the culvert as soon as possible. If it becomes necessary for Sylvan Lake Falls Homeowner’s Association to clear a culvert, the homeowner will be billed for the expense.

Sylvan Lake Falls Homeowners Association, 3 Sylvan Lake Drive, Rabun Gap, Georgia 30568

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